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Hi everyone! I'm back to being a `senior member. Today my term as the mod of the Digital Art galleries has officially ended. It's been a great year serving as a dA Community Volunteer and I have been able to feature so many wonderful pieces as Daily Deviations. Thank you every one of you who sent me fantastic suggestions!

Speaking of DD suggestions... the end of my term obviously signals that I am no longer accepting any. My unread inbox note count right now is 1,789, the majority of which are DD suggestions, far more than I could ever hope to feature even in 2 years... I simply got too many!! I apologize if I did not get to consider your suggestion while I was still a CV, but please let it be known that I will be doing my best in the next few weeks to reclaim my inbox, and I will forward any suggestions that I think are particularly remarkable to the new Digital Art CVs. (As of this post, Negatic is still on, so send suggestions to her!)

Thank you again everyone.
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Want to get rid of the absolutely horrendous recent dA update of ugly, massive, unorganized, unprofessional thumbnails that I turned off beta to escape from but IT SOMEHOW STILL FOUND ME???

Just install this amazing new browser script written by rotane, which not only shrinks the thumbnails back to a reasonable size, but also gets rid of the awkward light-background problem for wide deviations.

deviantTHUMBS:TINY v7 by rotane

THANKS rotane!!!! Please +fave and spread it around if you like it! LOOK HOW EVEN WORSE DEVIANTART.COM MAIN PAGE LOOKS ON A NON-PREMIUM
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Yo I figured I should (pointlessly) update my journal since it's been the same thing forever!

So... I'm just going to say that you should follow my Tumblr artblog because I tend to update there more often nowadays! Although, recently I am trying to keep my dA up to date too.

I'm still working through the endless mire that is my commissions list.

Oh and...

DID I MENTION THAT I MET BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH??? Yes. Sherlock! It was awhile ago but I don't think I made a post about it here! And he liked my artwork! Some pictures -…

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Woooow! Thank you to everyone on deviantART who left me notes and comments letting me know that Lea Michele  of Glee posted the painting I did of her on her Facebook account! Here's the link to the post, which as of this moment has well over 23,000 likes on it! Crazy!

Rachel Berry by alicexz

I did Lea's portrait as a gift to Heidi a couple months ago. :) It's so flattering that Lea herself likes it. I'm thrilled! GREAT SUCCESS!!!
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LIVESTREAM ONLINE or starting very soon.
Livestream over! Thanks for watching everyone! The recording is here if you missed: and


Follow sketchblog:
Thank you so much to techgnotic and marioluevanos for designing a beautiful article.… I am so grateful they requested an interview and I worked hard on responding thoroughly; I hope the answers were useful to some people.

I appreciate all your feedback very very much, be it positive or critical, and I'm sorry I can't reply to all of you; it's quite overwhelming. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me. I'll keep working hard to expand my techniques, styles, and subjects in the future. Cheers!

Follow me at Twitter: alicexz
Like on Facebook:
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Hi everyone! I noticed that today I was featured at, which is a cool website that, well, features an artist a day. xD

Here's the link -

It's really quite a cool website, ya'll should register and check it out - there's a HUGE archive of artists, as well as a rating system (rate an artist a day!) and it's generally an excellent resource to find pile of cool art - everything ranging from paintings to design to sculpture. I was very happy to be selected!
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New DD Suggestion rule

Wed Jan 11, 2012, 5:17 AM
I'm sorry to say that I must start enforcing a new rule for my DD Suggestions - please, please, if you want to send me a suggestion, PLEASE send thumbnails, not URL links or even worse, just text. Some of you are very good about sending me thumbs and of course this doesn't apply to you guys! But I get more and more suggestions everyday (currently have about 200 unread notes in my inbox) which is really wonderful, but also means I absolutely NEED to be able to glance through the suggestions quickly just to keep up. Seeing a thumbnail is really helpful because not only can I tell a lot from a thumbnail, but it will also help me filter out deviations that have already been suggested and/or chosen.

All deviantART members, paid and unpaid, can send at least one thumbnail in notes. The thumbnail code looks like this :thumbxxxxxxxx: and is located on the right column of any deviation, under the header Details (Thumb), above Statistics. Simply paste that code into the note you want to send me. You can also just directly note me the deviation (which you can do under the header Share, the little yellow note icon), which will automatically send me the thumbnail.

I will try my very best to look at every note still, but I can no longer guarantee I will see your suggestion if you do not use thumbnail(s). The rest of my DD guidelines can be found here:…

Thank you so much everyone! Oh, and I hope everyone had a great New Year's. :) If you're wondering why I haven't been updating with art as much lately... it's because I'm lazy, but I haven't been unproductive - all my most recent sketches and paintings are on my Tumblr artblog, so go there if you're interested!

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Thank you SO much for the flood of comments so far! I really, really appreciate it guys!
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Sun Oct 16, 2011, 9:29 AM

General Information

  • I reserve the right to display finished commissions in my portfolio (exception made if we both agree to keep the work offline for the sake of privacy, i.e. for portraits of children.) I also reserve the right to decline a commission request for any reason, and the right to adjust the price of a commission (before invoicing) if I deem it necessary.

  • If for any reason I cannot complete your commission after you've paid, you will receive a full refund, regardless of how much work I've already done. I will also honor any requests for a full refund of your deposit/payment at any time during the commission waiting period, as long as I have not begun any work beyond a basic sketch. I reserve the right to cancel (with full refund) any commission at any time.

  • I prefer to be paid by Paypal. I can also potentially take credit card payments through my website if we discuss it beforehand. Transaction fees must be covered by the commissioner.

  • My commissions are DIGITAL PAINTINGS unless specifically noted otherwise. This means you'll receive a high-res (300 DPI) digital file when I'm done, NOT a hard copy or a print in any form. Please do not assume that I am doing a traditional original work for you, or sending you a hard copy print, unless I specifically tell you so.

  • Regarding pop culture work, typically, I will NOT do art of a series that I dislike or am completely unfamiliar with. This is because I have learned from previous experience that it's difficult for me to create art for a series I don't know, because I can't connect with the subject. If I am doing a portrait of a real-life friend or family member for you I will most likely ask for multiple reference photos for the same reason. I do make exceptions and I don't mind doing some research for your commission, just keep it in mind.

  • Reference images are required.

  • The prices and slots listed below do NOT pertain to commercial projects. Commissions described here are for personal use only (which means absolutely no reselling or for-profit usage of the final artwork.) My rate for commercial artwork begins at $2000 USD and ranges up depending on complexity, planned usage, and turnaround time. You may contact me any time ( regarding commercial projects.

Examples and Pricelist for Personal Commissions

  • I. Standard Digital Portrait – $500 – CLOSED

    This is my standard flat-fee portrait category. Typically 2-3 hours of work from me, full color (unless otherwise preferred), portrait or square layout, semi-realistic style, simple background. Headshot format only and reference image is required. This is the best category for straightforward portraits of family members, friends, favorite characters, pets, etc. Examples:

    Katniss by alicexzElessar by alicexzHandsome Sphynx by alicexz
    Remember me... by alicexzOr maybe he'll give me yours. by alicexz

    I do not allow additional characters in the same piece for this type of commission - this is meant to be a focused, single-subject portrait. I am completely open to doing "sets" of similar/themed portraits, though.

  • II. Stylized Digital Portrait – $1000 & up – CLOSED

    This is my more flexible and detailed portrait category and prices vary accordingly. Full color (unless otherwise preferred), headshot or waist-up; simple or abstracted background; any layout (landscape, portrait, or square); additional detailing, stylization and motifs can be incorporated. Up to two characters. Examples:

    The Abyss Gazes Back by alicexzRebirth by alicexzRachel Berry by alicexz
    A Study in Pink by alicexzAirplanes by alicexz

  • III. Digital Scene – $1500 & up – CLOSED

    My general illustration category. This includes concept art and all portrait commissions that involve more complex background elements and/or a high level of detailing. Any layout; full color, waist-up/full-body, multiple characters/interactions, etc. Price varies on complexity. Examples:

    The Roar of Our Stars by alicexzThe Song of Your Sadness by alicexzWe'll Start a Jazz Band by alicexzThe Lonely God by alicexz
    Virtuoso by alicexzIslands by alicexzBleed by alicexz

If you would like to commission a piece that doesn't quite fit into any of these categories, e-mail me explaining it and I will consider it. I am usually willing to draw anything if proper references are provided; however, I'm by and large a portrait artist, so just... keep this in mind.

How to Order

  • When you're ready, send me a dA note or e-mail me ( with this form filled out:

    (I, II, or III)
    (provide links or attach images to e-mail)  

  • I will invoice your Paypal address with the total amount, after confirming your request. Please let me know if you need to pay some other way. Your commission slot is will be reserved as soon as you contact me, but forfeited if you cannot pay within a week. I accept 50% deposits to secure slots for larger commissions. Again, if for any reason I can't finish your commission and you've already paid, you WILL receive a full refund from me.

Personal Commission Status List (updated 04/13/15)

  • Type I: Digital Standard Portrait – CLOSED
    1. MaeDreaM – PAID – 100% FINISHED
    2. MaeDreaM – PAID – PAINTING 20%
    3. cwkitten – PAID – 100% FINISHED 05/31
    4. Shawna – PAID – 100% FINISHED 03/20
    5. Brian – PAID – 100% FINISHED 12/20
    6. KittytheSheGeek – PAID – 100% FINISHED 08/11
    7. Alexa – PAID – 100% FINISHED 11/08
    8. seesoccer – PAID – 100% FINISHED 01/26
    9. Fire-Chan9490 – PAID – 100% FINISHED 02/15
    10. Cassi-Walsh – PAID – PAINTING 50%
    11. seesoccer – PAID – 100% FINISHED 03/19
    12. Arturo – PAID – 100% FINISHED 06/23

  • Type II: Digital Stylized Portrait – CLOSED
    1. latiass – PAID (2 char bust) – 100% FINISHED 10/20
    2. KLCx – PAID (1 char bust) – 100% FINISHED 03/24
    3. DefineLove – PAID (2 char waist-up) – 100% FINISHED 02/28
    4. Sarah – PAID – 100% FINISHED 01/07
    5. Stephie – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/10
    6. SashaWren – PAID (1 char waist-up) – 100% FINISHED 03/31
    7. James – PAID –100% FINISHED 05/10
    8. Previsha – PAID (2 char) – 100% FINISHED 10/17
    9. CK – PAID –100% FINISHED 05/17
    10. Chayla – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    11. Deirdre – reserved (1 char)
    12. Jessica – PAID – 100% FINISHED 02/27
    13. Timothy – reserved (1 char x2) - 0%

  • Type III: Digital Scene – CLOSED
    1. AstridJane – refunded (5 char scene)
    2. Sam – refunded (1 char scene)
    3. AnderLouis – refunded (1 char scene)
    4. Espedito – DEPOSIT PAID (1 char scene)
    5. Alex – reserved (1 char scene x2)
    6. Rasmus – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    7. Mary Jo – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    8. Dave – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED

  • Type IV: Traditional – CLOSED
    1. Dan – PAID TO CHARITY (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/28
    2. Eric – TRADE (1 char) – PAINTING 75%
    3. Patricia – PAID (2 char) – 100% FINISHED 12/25

  • Type V: Misc – N/A
    1. NightTattooWolf – PAID (2 char scene) – 100% FINISHED
    2. Yet-One-More-Idiot – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – 0%
    3. gracie-is-a-pie – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – 0%
    4. WingsofSmoke – SPECIAL (1 char scene) – 100% FINISHED 10/25
    5. Raziely8 – SPECIAL (1 char scene) – SKETCHING
    6. stephastated – SPECIAL (2 char scene) – 0%
    7. spattergroits – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – SKETCHING
    8. Akaiyuue – SPECIAL (2 char scene) – 0%
    9. Katherdante – SPECIAL (1 char) – 0%
    10. megatruh – TRADE (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/06
    11. LexyEevee – SPECIAL (1 char) – 0%
    12. euclase – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    13. viria13 – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    14. mmmagnolia – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    15. ottery – TRADE (2 char) – 0%

  • Comments below are periodically hidden to keep this informational post clean! Please send me a note or e-mail if you have questions or concerns regarding commissions, rather than commenting here as it causes clutter and I often link this status page to clients. Plus, you have a much better chance of getting a response if you e-mail me, as I am hopelessly unable to keep up with dA comments. Thanks for reading!

I'm ^alicexz now! + DD Guidelines

Wed Sep 28, 2011, 5:17 PM
Hi everyone! As of today I've been made one of the new Community Volunteers by Moonbeam13 and I'll be looking after the Digital Art gallery, along with Negatic! Woo! Very exciting and I am definitely going to have a great time this year. My job will be to do some general moderating around the community; organizing deviations and miscategorizations, posting news and features and offering general support! Hopefully I can even get some contests going in the future! I'll be painting and posting art and carrying on in all my usual deviant things, so that won't change - I'll just be busier! :la:

Oh, and of course I can also now feature Daily Deviations, so suggest away! I've typed up some rules which I'll be putting in my profile shortly, but here's a copy for this journal, please read it though!

Suggesting a Daily Deviation – Guidelines

  • Note your DD suggestion(s) to me, alicexz, using the :thumbxxxxxxxx: thumbnail format. Use of the thumbnail code is REQUIRED - there is a good chance I will miss your suggestion if you don't send me a thumbnail. Instructions on how to use thumb codes here:…
  • Do make sure the art you suggest is from one of the following Digital Art categories:
    • Digital Art > Paintings & Airbrushing
      Digital Art > Drawings
      Digital Art > Miscellaneous
      Digital Art > Mixed Media
  • A deviant can't receive a DD if they've already gotten one in the past 3 months 6 MONTHS, new rule - like they really, actually can't, I can't set the feature, the DD system will not allow it. Thus, it would save all of us a lot of time if you go to [artist] and look at the date of their last DD before you suggest a piece!
  • Adding a description as to why you think the deviation/artist should be featured is much appreciated, but not necessary. I will write a caption for every DD I feature.
  • I always look at the entire gallery of any artist suggested to me. Thus, please remember I may choose to feature a different work (by the same artist) than the one you suggest. You will still be listed as the suggester though!
  • I am open to self-suggestions, but please suggest yourself at your own risk - don't get offended if I decide not to feature your deviation. Remember, as aunjuli famously said: "...try and suggest artwork to me that you would share with 10 million people. I know it sounds obvious... but. Well, think about it."
  • It's always wonderful to be able to feature a new or underappreciated artist with no previous DDs, but that does NOT at all mean I won't feature "popular" artists. It is an honor for me to showcase excellent work, no matter who the artist or how much attention they do or do not already have.
  • I'm sorry, but due to the volume of notes I receive I cannot reply to everyone, and please remember it may take awhile for your suggestion to be featured even if I do accept it, since DDs can be scheduled weeks in advance. There is also a chance that I might forget to add you as a suggestor - this is because I get so many notes that there are bound to be duplicates, and multiple DD suggestors have to be added by me manually (it's a clunky system.) If you see a DD that you'd like credit for also suggesting, just let me know.
  • It is also simply not possible for me to feature everyone's suggestions, despite how good they may be; so please be patient and don't get discouraged if your suggestion is not accepted right away. I do look at and appreciate each and every one of them!
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Thank you everyone! This is a big honor and I look forward to serving dA this year!

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My Youtube channel

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2011, 2:20 PM
Hi everyone! Just a little plug for my relatively new Youtube channel where I'll be posting painting process videos and such. I'd really appreciate any subscribers and visitors! :heart:

And here's a process video for my Sherlock violin painting!… Sorry to Germany... I don't know what's up with the audio that makes in unplayable in your country :( I will find time to upload it somewhere else eventually.

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2011, 5:19 PM
LIVESTREAM ONLINE or starting very soon. Will be drawing something Sherlock-related again!


Follow sketchblog, if you'd like to see finished sketches:

Here's the finished painting!
John Watson by alicexz

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Woa I'm a senior

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 2:02 PM
Hey today I noticed that my little symbol changed to a ` thingy. :wow: I don't know at all what I did to deserve dA Seniority but I guess it makes me feel pretty cool! I have no idea how the senior process works or if people nominated me or who exactly I should be thanking, so here is a general thank you to everyone on dA!

Have an awkward hug everyone! :iconawkwardhugplz:

I've been around here for 3 years. Onwards to moar art and shenanigans!

Oooh check out the official article here!…

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2011, 7:34 PM
LIVESTREAM ONLINE or starting very soon. Will be working on a commission and maybe some other random stuff.

Paste this into your browser:
or click here:

Please follow me on Tumblr, if you'd like to see finished sketches:

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Woo, DD!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2011, 12:44 PM
Bleed by alicexz
Thank you so much to gallery mod TommyGK for featuring it! I actually am so honored that he chose this to DD because this painting is one my personal favorites, and also it's fanart from a dear favorite movie of mine.

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DeviantArt Town Hall meeting

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 12:56 PM
So last Saturday, I was invited to an official dA "Town Hall" meetup by Heidi here in NYC! I was so flattered to get the invite, I've never been to any dA meetup so I had no idea what to expect from it but it was actually really interesting! I got to meet a group of awesome deviants, including spyed himself, who is actually a very normal and chill dude for being the mighty CEO of deviantArt.

The dA staff members that were there, Heidi, aunnyd, and spyed, talked to all of us about a lot of different aspects of the site. They genuinely cared about my (and the other 10 or so deviants') opinion about a variety of devious matters - everything from the critique widgets to small site tweakings to dA Muro to art theft and mature content issues. I was really impressed that they took the time to come all the way out to NYC to meet deviants in person and ask our opinions. DeviantArt loves you, it's true, and the admins and staff are working hard to make the site better than ever, so everyone: stick around and you will see improvements and new awesome features comin' your way!

I got to meet so many people I admire, all who live around the NYC area - ProdigyBombay (who I got a burger with afterwards! yay!), HamletMachine, hellcorpceo, along with new awesome people as well, nillia, MumboJumbo, beckycloonan, SpookyChan, Juudisu, CapnDeek373, and suzuran (it was her birthday and she didn't even tell us!!)! It was so great to see all of you even if we didn't talk much! Stay cool guys.

And special shoutout to Heidi for being such an excellent firefighter.

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1 million Kiriban (over)

Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2011, 1:01 PM
Oh baby!

Rules: first person to comment HERE IN THIS JOURNAL with a screenshot of the 1,000,000th pageview wins a free Disney (or other fandoms I enjoy, like Miyazaki, HP, Game of Thrones, etc) fanart from me. Or whatever, really, but it must be something I feel like doing (please be open to discussion about it.) Please screenshot your ENTIRE screen. Do NOT note me, don't cheat I WILL KNOW and then I'll block you, one winner only.... Happy hunting!

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Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 2:57 PM
LIVESTREAM ONLINE or starting very soon. Will be working on a commission, I already started the sketch, wasn't intending to stream since I'm not sure how long I'll be working, but I figure people would like to see anyway. Warning, it may be a little boring since I'll be doing a lot of rendering and I may also get distracted easily and wander away.

Paste this into your browser:
or click here:

Please follow me on Tumblr, if you'd like to see finished sketches and other randomness:

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Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2011, 6:37 PM
:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: LIVESTREAM ONLINE or starting very soon. Will be working on some very backlogged commissions and maybe some doodles.

Paste this into your browser:
or click here:

Please follow me on Tumblr, if you'd like to see finished sketches:

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